Tuesday, January 10, 2017


From the time of its birth until the present, Medinat Yisrael/the State of Israel has taken in thousands of Jewish refugees, be they from North Africa, Iraq, Yemen, the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, etc.  Though the integration of all of these groups into the Israeli mainstream has been far from perfect, Yemenites, ex-Soviets, Ethiopians and other immigrants serve in the military together and share the rights of citizenship.

Yet the other states of the Middle East have been refusing to resettle Palestinian refugees, holding them virtual prisoners in refugee camps, for over 60 years.

And now, they're "exporting" the Syrians.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates are wealthy countries.  Why do they refuse to accept the responsibility of caring for their own Muslim and/or Arab neighbors?

Who died and left Angela Merkel in charge?

Honestly, I feel sorry for her.  She was just trying to do the right thing by providing humanitarian assistance to people fleeing from war.  The thanks she got was an inability and/or unwillingness of at least some of the Syrian Muslim refugees to assimilate into German culture, putting the Germanic character and the safety of her country, and her continued status as Chancellor of Germany, at risk.

Similar problems seem to be occurring in other countries that have accepted substantial numbers of Syrian refugees, leading many Americans to wonder whether it's wise for the U.S. to admit such large contingents to our own shores.

Yet, I'm forced to ask whether I, myself, have a right to agree, having benefitted from my country's open door.  After all, my own ancestors chose to immigrate to the U.S. rather than remain in their original destination, Italy, after escaping from Czarist Russia.

What a quandary.


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